Friday, 10 August 2012

A Beginning

This is my attempt at a food blog, at sharing the recipes that have become part of the file folder of print-outs and scribbled notes and cut-outs that has become my culinary repertoire. My mother's side of the family has a great line of cooks. I really mean it. Ladies, armed with sauce stained aprons and soft, sure bodies that are and were as giving of love as a cook can get. I remember being little and friends of mine would remark upon tasting mom's macaroons, "I would pay for these!" There were occasions when a  friend would come over  and mom would have her roast in the oven with fixings or a pot of chili with warm biscuits on the ready and she would make me proud. She did it all without effort, cookbooks on hand but not really read. Sunday dinners would entail steam pouring out from the kitchen on a cool day, which made the house even more inviting. Late weeknight dinners were fun, too. After snacking since 3pm with my siblings, mom and dad would come home from work and they'd whip up some homemade dollar chips and sloppy joe's in a flash. I must be a bit of a country girl at heart. A country girl who wants the city, too.

I like to eat foods that are not processed too much. I am not an all or nothing person though as I am a child of the 80's (let us pause a moment to feel the effect that the realm of convenience food still holds on us). It was hard enough for me to kick my daily cereal habit every morning.

So, this is me, a completely amateur cook, lover of baked goods, whisking myself into the venerable world of internet blogging. Bon appetit!

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