Friday, 24 August 2012

Beef & Veg Stirfry

Recently, I found out that I am very anaemic. The worst case my doc has seen in any of her patients and while I joked with Salina that it was nice to win at something, she looked me in the eye and told me it was serious. I gulped.

I remember when I was a teen I was anaemic. I didn't need any supplements then (as I do now) and was told to increase my iron rich foods. I ate lots of cream of wheat, meat and broccoli and I started to feel better. Since then, I haven't been tested. Lots of women become anaemic between ages 18-50 and I suppose I got used to feeling tired. I can't help but think that my dietary choices in the last few years really took my iron to new lows. So, with my health in mind, I've decided to eat meat again. Adam supports me and I am thankful. It has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I want to respect animals and I am conscious of how they are treated for food production. I have some homework to do. I want to feel better and listening to my body, I am moving ahead.

We had a nice dinner last night and tonight, I wanted to share our meal with you.

Oil (for the pan) 
Beef tenderloin strips
Chopped onion, peppers, cauliflower and broccoli

Stir-fry Sauce:
2/3 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup broth
1/3 cup rice vinegar
3 1/2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. sesame oil
1 tbsp. minced garlic
1 tbsp. minced ginger
2 tbsp. cornstarch

Put rice in a rice cooker with some veggie stock.
Mix the stir-fry sauce ingredients into a small bowl and set aside.
Put oil, veggies and beef strips in in the pan, and simmer until the vegetables soften and beef browns.
Add the sauce to the pan and let the mixture cook and the veggies are softened.

Serve on a bed of rice and enjoy!

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