Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Burgers and Fries

It has been awhile since we had a real hamburger. With summer kissing us all goodbye, I figured it is now or never. I kept it  pretty simple and made some french fries to go with it. We chose whole wheat flat bread buns. Then, it's just fixings. Horseradish, ketchup, honey mustard, bread and butter sliced pickles, spinach, and relish. What a meal. I had to share.

They turned out pretty good and it was nice having a good ol' North American meal.

French fries:

4 medium yellow potatoes, sliced length-wise into strips
2 tsps canola oil
A dash of salt 

Put the fries in a roasting pan at 350 degrees, turning twice, cooking them for 25 mins total.

Cook the burgers on a frying pan (no oil needed). Bbqs make me nervous - sigh.

Place 2 to 4 hamburgers on a large skillet at medium heat.
Brown both sides and flip frequently to avoid charring sides. 
Add some bbq sauce for flavouring once the burgers are almost cooked through.
Serve on buns and add fixings.

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