Saturday, 22 September 2012


I have an affinity for pasta with meat sauce. Brings me back to when I was a teenager, babysitting my younger siblings, making homemade "hamburger helper" (goulash?) for us for supper before mom and dad got home from work. It usually entailed defrosting some of hamburger (brought in from my grandfather who lived in Sussex and had a farm)  because I never planned ahead for dinner. I would chop up some onion, green pepper and add a dash of salt and pepper and wait for the meat to brown. I would make some noodles on the stove and then combine it altogether with some pasta sauce. With a bit of Parmesan on top it was delish.

So, with me culling my vegetarian ways, I am happy to be coming back to the simplicity of pasta dishes with meat sauce and somewhat, back to my dinner making roots.

Spaghetti dinner is very easy to make and so comforting. I put a handful of pasta into a pot of boiling water (with a pinch of salt). While the noodles soften, I add a small package of lean ground beef to a pan with chopped peppers and onion. Once the beef is browned and veggies are soft I turn the heat down and add some pasta sauce to the mixture. (I'll share a homemade pasta sauce in a later post.)

Add the pasta and spaghetti to a plate and with a side of Caesar salad and you've got dinner.

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