Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I suppose I feel a bit lost. Wondering what I am doing with a food blog when I don't really know what I am doing with food. Sometimes I get the loudest craving for Mini Wheats for supper and other times it's all I can do to ignore the pangs for a fresh warm bowl of dahl for lunch and I have a pb&j instead due to convenience.

I've been eating meat for the past little while and it is a big change. It feels different. I wonder about the animals, like the cows and how strange it is that I am eating a scared animal.

So, I feel sad I guess. Or tired. I sincerely hope my diet changes help my anemia. I've been trying. Speer-ville oatmeal in the morning (20% iron), no coffee or tea with meals (tannins and caffeine deplete iron absorption), am taking supplements 3 times a day without food and indulging in dark chocolate (15-20% iron!). I've been eating heated spinach (to deplete chelates) and combining vitamin C foods with iron rich foods to enhance iron absorption.  I am still on the look-out for black strap molasses in Halifax. Oh, how I miss Saint John at times...

I want to be green. I want to eat well with lots of veggies and fruits in my diet. To drink 8 glasses of water a day. To eat and absorb iron, lean proteins, limit fats and just be for a bit. Maybe this is silly but I am tired. I want food to be my medicine, already.

Can I be healthy, eat well and stay on budget? We'll see. I think I can. If you have any suggestions, words of wisdom or whatever, please send them my way. I need it! 

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