Friday, 5 October 2012

A Healing Time

The past month and a half has been eye opening and trying. I was diagnosed with severe iron deficient anemia and was told to change my diet to include meat and to take an iron supplement. My Nurse Practitioner was very concerned and saw that I wasn't well. It is funny how someone can go for a long time not feeling well and not knowing it. I had all the symptoms. Aches and pains, easily bruised, exhausted, lightheaded, dizzy, pale, heart palpitations and general malaise. I thought maybe that my depression was kicking into high gear. Using CBT techniques I've learned in the past, I overcame my tiredness by telling myself it was in my head. When my heart fluttered, I thought it was a bit of anxiety flaring up.

I was troubled when I had to face that fact that I couldn't be vegetarian anymore. The title of Alicia Silverstone's book, "The Kind Diet" rang through my head. I didn't want to hurt a living creature and I don't agree with big farming practices. The XL Foods e coli disaster seems to have no end and cements the urgent need for better food regulation. In general, I have been trying to limit how much processed foods I eat and I choose local ingredients when I can. I am still finding my way with my diet. I am open and willing to learn.

So, almost two months after finding out that I was sick - I have rebounded. Tests show that my iron levels have improved significantly. In two more months time, I'll be good as new. The best part is that I can feel the benefits. I have been getting up before the alarm in the morning. I don't need to have a nap everyday or lay down out of necessity. I feel better. I'll be on an iron supplement for the rest of my life (albeit, a lower dose) and I am ok with that. Some folks just don't absorb iron well and being a woman of child bearing age, iron levels are bound to dip. If you feel you may be low in iron, see your doc. It is worth a check-up.

I am healthy and happy and looking forward to learning something new. Seems like every time I think I have something figured out, I am thrown into a loop. I can see however that every set-back can bring about a new opportunity.


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  1. Glad you are feeling healthier, Sabrina. I am a farm girl and I think there are lots of local meat options out there that you can feel good about. xo