Monday, 22 October 2012

Sausage and Salad

I am not a huge fan of pork and I am not sure why. When I was a veg and I started eating meat, many folks assumed I went immediately for some bacon, like it was something I was deprived of. I didn't really. Although, I did have a delicious club sandwich from Pete's Fruitique that had perfectly crispy bacon on it and it was all I could hope for in a club sandwich.

I suppose it's that I am not a huge meat-eating person. I sort of made myself eat chicken, beef and pork initially and I still do now. I know my body needs it and I think the guilt or whatever I feel will pass soon. I feel so much better than I did 2 months ago. In reality, I think I do crave meat when I really listen to my body, so it's all good.

I find I have been shopping at Sobeys more than I used to. Back in Saint John, I lived close to the Farmer's Market and I was spoiled. I could buy local food easily. Living in the west portion of Halifax (not the lovely West-end and not so far away as Clayton Park West; but, in-between, by the mall and it's called Fairview. Haligonians, is this west?). Needless to say, I am a ways away from the south end Farmers Markets. Maybe one day we'll live in the city proper. If not, that is ok too.

I digress. On my way home from work there is a Sobeys (relatively local, right? It's an Atlantic chain) and I tend to pick up grub that we need on a semi-daily basis (we're lazy - ahem, a laissiez-faire couple).There are some local meats sold at Sobeys and I have purchased local sausage. Adam loves sausage. I, on the other hand can take it or leave it. Although, I enjoy it with some flavoring and most favorably cut up and mixed in with spaghetti sauce doused all over it. I loved sausages when I was little. Dad would pick up some honey garlic and/or Italian sausages and he'd grill them on the BBQ. Maybe I need a BBQ; but, I am scared of lighting propane.

Pork is rich and salty and fatty. With this in mind, I grilled up some sausage and made a salad to go with it. Autumn days can sometimes be nice and comfortable. The sun in the daytime is a warm reprieve from the cold, rainy days and nights to come. I really need some rubber boots - I've this said to myself a hundred times.

So, it's nice and warm out with a hint of cool air. The sun beams float in through the side kitchen window and I almost forget that I have other stuff to do. All I am thinking about is setting the table, grilling the food and getting ready for supper. Adam and I eat together everyday unless something comes up. It is what I have always wanted (a shared, daily dinnertime meal) and now I've got it. It's nice.

Super-easy sausage and salad supper how-to:

1) Boil the sausage to cook it thoroughly. It also helps to release some of the fats from the meat.
2) Take the sausages and place them on a skillet with a bit of oil on medium heat. Brown. 
3) Add a dash of horseradish on the side.
4) Grab a bun if your heart desires!
5) I made some simple green salad and called it a meal.


  1. Loving your journey Sabrina! It can't be easy to return to meat eating when it is not your own decision really. Your recipes are nice and simple to follow and the stories tie everything together so nicely!
    I just wanted to let you in on a little sausage option you might be able to source out in Halifax depending on your location. In Saint John, Simply for Life carries these amazing local frozen sausages that are full of veggies and of course local pork. They have some great flavours. I used to live off them when I was doing SFL. One fun thing to do with sausage is to cut the membrane and throw the meat it into a pasta sauce as a beef replacement. It crumbles up nicely. It is oh so delicious and with less saturated fat.

    Love the blog lady!

    1. Thank-you for your kind words and good suggestion!