Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Veggie Times

I cooked a whole chicken this past weekend. Thought I was pretty slick. Took the bad boy home and removed the giblets, rinsed its skin and patted it dry. I rubbed it with some olive oil and sprinkled salt on top. I stuffed it with lemon and garlic, and cooked it for several hours. Made cheesy potatoes and carrots as sides. I thought I was so clever, having made something that would provide plenty of leftovers to cook with in other meals. "Pad Thai! Chicken soup! Sandwiches!", I thought with glee.

Except, I looked at the chicken carcass gleaming golden brown, fresh from the oven, and thought that I didn't really feel like chicken. Then, I immediately felt guilty for not wanting it. I cut through its flesh with a sharp knife while Adam looked at it and winced a bit. We were both thinking the same thing, "I miss being vegetarian". Humph.

Here's the thing. I wanted to cook the chicken. To make the kitchen steamy and to be all old-fashioned, like, "Who, me? Yeah, I'm cooking a chicken". Plus, I dig whole foods. I get why people eat animals. Why people eat all kinds of foods. And, I kinda loathe eliminating food groups from the diet for some reason or another. Maybe it is the requisite explanation that inevitably ensues from noting a diet as special or out of the ordinary.

With this kitchen misadventure in mind, I am attempting to incorporate a vegetarian diet into my life again. With much trepidation. With calm, slow footing. I still have some meat frozen in the fridge and I will cook it up if and when I start to feel the lethargic pangs of anemia. I can't throw out food. However, today, I ignored my leftover chicken pad Thai in the fridge and I treated myself to a glorious vegetarian bento box from Sushi Nami for lunch. It was what I wanted. I ate intuitively (how bourgeois!) and it was delicious.

 This post was supposed to be about chicken, with pics to share, and my mom's beautiful simple roast chicken recipe but as you can see I am not so sure about sharing it anymore. I leave you just with just some words and a lack of pretty pics. Until next time, when I'll be breaking out the tofu, lentils and beans to give a vegetarian way of eating another warm, wholehearted shot.

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