Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beans and Rice

I have been away from the kitchen. Not cooking or eating too much. The appitite has been low. I have been enjoying meals with friends and frozen dinners for lunch. However, I am slowly, ever so slowly, coming out of it. Snapping out of a non-cooking funk. I realize that food and writing about my food experiences makes me happy and I miss it. So, here I am with a post that is pseudo acceptable. Given my state of mind and affairs for now, it is exemplary even. Beans and rice. Rice and beans. With hot sauce and cheese it passes as a meal. It is lovely and quiet and unassuming. It doesn't upset a quivering stomach. A nervous mind. The flvour distracts. I had leftovers for lunch and enjoyed it. Was good enough. Good is nice.

This recipe is really simple. I made it off the cuff and it can be modified to your taste sensibilities. Since the beans are black beans I opted for a Mexican flair. A kind of cuisine I adore.

In a skillet:
Warm the skillet with a generous sloshing of extra-virgin olive oil.
Chop red onion and garlic and add to the pan.
Drain and rinse either soaked beans or canned beans and add to pan.
Add a cup of tomato sauce (or pureed tomatoes or salsa) and stir.
Add a dash of habenero sauce and chipotle sauce. 
Keep on medium heat and stir occasionally. 

In a small pot:
Add a dash of extra-virgin olive oil.
Enough rice for several servings (up to 4).
Cover with water or add chicken of veggie stock.
Stir occasionally and rice is cooked once water evaporates.
Remove rice from burner and let it sit for several minutes.

Add the rice to a bowl and then the bean mixture. Add some grated cheddar or marble cheese on top. Maybe another dash of habenero if you are feeling adventurous.Mix it altogether and enjoy. 
This recipe makes 3-4 generous helpings.

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