Monday, 11 March 2013


I have been reverting back to some really simple vegetarian meals as of late. Something about a rice dish just warms my heart and nourishes me like nothing else can. Maybe it is the simplicity, the not needing to think much about cooking a lentil dish that has gravitated me towards it. I love Indian spices in dahl and a stock for rice. A warm dish is always grand. Maybe it is the warmth of the bowl that will melt the little icicles around me. It is almost spring. Fair enough.

In a small pot:
Add a dash of extra-virgin olive oil and mix in tsps of cumin, tumeric, cayanne pepper, garlic, ginger and mustard seeds. Heat ingredients in oil on medium heat.
Rinse lentils thoroughly in a separate dish. (I used 1/2 package of PC red lentils).
Add plenty of water to cover the rinsed lentils.  Cook on high until the water boils and then set on medium heat stirring occasionally until the lentils become liquified into a soupy mixture. 
Set aside and cool.

In another small pot:
Add 2 cups of long grain white rice (rinsed).
Add enough water (approx 4 cups) to cover the rice.  Veg or chicken stock can be used.
Cook on medium to high heat. 
Stir occasionally. 
Rice is cooked when the water evaporates.
Set aside and let cool. 

Add some rice to a bowl and then top with a scoop of dahl.
Top with coriander if you have it handy (I didn't).

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