Friday, 12 April 2013

Eggs for Supper

It has been sometime since I last posted anything. I suppose it is because various things have occurred which have occupied my time. Things are getting back on track (maybe) and so I have had an inclination to blog about a little recipe of mine that I discovered a few years ago;  although, I forget from where. It was when I did a 6 month-long cleanse and swore off sugar, and gluten namely - it was tough - which is why  have had a hard time trying to get back on that horse.

In truth, I have a few recipe items I want to share with you and I thought now or never. Seize the moment and whatnot. So, here I am. I'm back baby, with eggs, quinoa and tomato sauce.


1) Cook some quinoa and set aside (leftover quinoa is always awesome for future meals).

2) Add a touch of extra-virgin olive oil or butter to a skillet and heat/melt.

3) Take two (organic, free range eggs if you can) and mix in a bit of organic, unsweetened almond/soy milk, garlic, chopped onion, salt and pepper and whisk altogether.

4) Add the egg mixture to the hot pan and sprinkle a strip of organic spinach to the middle of it. Flip when the egg has browned or once the egg bubbles.

5) Serve the omelet on top of a scoop of quinoa.

6) Add room-temperature pasta sauce top top (my fav is the simply organic brand).

And bam! There's dinner. 

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