Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tikki Masala

I have always loved curry and Thai food was my first foray into that world (see my curry blog post here). I suppose it is the rich, sweet and warm bits all occurring at once that makes it. There's a great restaurant in Saint John, NB called Thandi's and they serve Indian curries. I was introduced to Tikki Masala there and let's just say it has been true-blue love ever since. There is an excellent Indian restaurant in Bayers Lake near my office called Dhaba Express and it rocks. Authentic and not expensive, it is one of my favorite restaurants in Halifax. I recommend going there for lunch and I heard their weekend brunch is filling and divine.

Indian curry is different from Thai curries as there is no coconut milk. Instead, the base is made from creams that are buttery in nature and are mixed with a tomato or vegetable base. Drool.
I'd like to share this chicken tikki masala recipe that is from the CBC's Stefano Faita, for the actual chefs.

However; sometimes, pre-made sauce is just fine. Like, after a long day out walking outside and you just want to grill up some food and eat straight away. I cheated and made my tikki masala pictured below from a bottle and it was amazing. I am a real person who has limited time for cooking at times.

1) Cut 2 skinless boneless chicken breasts into strips
2) Add some coconut oil to a large skillet and heat pan
3) Chop up a 1/2 an orange pepper, some onion and garlic and add to the pan
4) Cook until veggies are soft and chicken is browned
5) Add a bottle of President's Choice Blue Menu Tikki Masala and let it simmer on med-low heat for awhile.

So, Tikki Masala. Heart-warming stuff. Served over brown rice (cooked in chicken broth), with a dollop of full-fat plain yogurt on top to tame the heated zip of this dish and I am well fed.

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  1. I love this sweetly simple idea~! I definitely know that '' feeling after work. Great find!