Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Salmon Cakes

It has been some time since I have made my salmon cakes. My friend's mother shared this recipe idea with me back when I was on a cleanse and couldn't eat much of anything (I was a vegetarian trying to do a paleo diet - it didn't work well and I ate seafood). So, really this one is Deb's. I love her cooking ability. No real recipes, she just knows what will taste good. A little of this with a little of that. Her daughter is the same. Theirs is a place of ease in the kitchen.

This is a simple meal that makes a enough salmon cakes that are even better the next day for lunch. I'm gonna keep this one close by and make it more often. My roommates will lurve me for it.

You'll need:

2 cans of canned pacific salmon 
1 egg
A lemon
Salt and pepper
Dill (I used cilantro in this batch cuz I had some)
Quinoa (or, quick 'n dirty = a slice of white bread broken up into bits)

1) Take the canned salmon and add to a bowl (remove any bones if you deem them inedible)
2) Add a tsp of yogourt
3) A pinch of dill (freeze-dried or fresh)
4) Add the egg
5) Grate some lemon rind and add to the mix and then squeeze a little lemon juice in, too
6) Add salt and pepper
7) Add 2 cups of cooked quinoa
8) Mix well and make into patties

Put a pat of coconut oil into a heated pan and add patties
Cook each side until golden brown.

Serve immediately with a dip comprised of yogourt mixed with lemon juice with pepper.

I had 'em with a side of roasted sweet potato fries and green beans.

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