Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Friends and Food

I have this friend who I met through a dear friend. She lives in the country by the ocean and her home is full of love. Walk in, and your greeted with hug, a drink and a kitty rubbing your ankles. It is like the sweetest reverie. A stark contrast to the harsh city nitty-gritty I know and I'm reminded of how much I like to get away from Halifax when I can.

Some weekends, I have had the fortunate ability to visit with my friends from the country, some new, some old, and I rest up. Get away. It's enough to make some troubles slip past. The lens focus softens a bit and the next thing you know hours have gone by and the conversation is still going strong. Worries forgotten at the doorstep. It's 10pm, and we have one more kitchen dance before we tuck ourselves in for the night. Because, it is better to have a full day in the country, waking with the sunrise, than it is to have a really late night and miss some of the daylight.

Haley is a wondrous cook. I have many great chef friends, but sweet Haley takes the cake. She works away in the kitchen while we chatter away, sipping stiff coffees. She makes all of her food stuffs from scratch and the smells coming from her oven make us even hungrier than we ever thought we could be. The ingredients are mostly local. The dinner hour, late. It's worth waiting for. I am envious of her skill and would pay money for her edibles. One day, I anticipate I will be able to do just that. Until then, I am happily a guest in her home, eating fine homemade meals. Some of which contain eggs from her chickens who live in the backyard.

Here are a few pics of some of the delectables she has made during my visits. I intend on visiting again soon and am looking forward having to whatever she makes. She can do no wrong. I will clean my plate. Maybe we will have a meal with a side of my mother's preserves, accompanied by a glass of vino from the Hubbards farmers market. An ode to the country.

Strawberry shortcake:

 Frittata and twice-roasted potatoes:

 The best coffee in all the land:

Local scallops with  pesto, roasted veggies, chorizo salad:

 Sweet potato spelt waffle, local ham, Belinda eggs and fresh greens:

Pesto and sausage pizzas:

Veggie pizza:


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