Sunday, 24 November 2013

Beef Stew

I have been working on eating at home more. I like not going out to eat. Not that I am a great cook, but I like to try to stay on budget, eating what I planned out to buy and eat throughout the week. Mindfullness allows me to see how lovely food planning and prep can be. In addition to these things, so much stuff that is bought outside of the home is full of extra fat, sugar and salt. It is ok now and then. I have a few spots I like to go to when I just don't feel like cooking (Mezza or Terek's) or when I am so hungry all I can do is eat a gluten-free muffin with a decaf americano (kudos to the north-end Humaniti Cafe).

Today's post is about stew. It is a traditional stew recipe unlike my last post regarding stew which is mostly meat and veg in a pot (see post here). I took this recipe visually from watching mom in the kitchen. Remembering what she did on a Sunday morning to prepare for that evening's dinner.


Add a pat of butter to a slow cooker
Add chopped garlic and onion to the crocpot
Add in cubed beef, chopped carrots, yellow potatoes, brussel sprouts and green beans
Salt and pepper
Chilli flakes
Old cheddar cheese on top (optional)

Cook for several hours on low heat, ladle into a bowl, and enjoy with a buttered biscuit.  Heaven. I am welcoming winter. Love these cold days when they involve warm drinks and meals to heat and heal the soul.

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