Friday, 1 November 2013

Harvest Stew

I have come to see that I appreciate food that comes from a farmers market. It aligns with sustainable practices which I have read about and had supported in theory since my university days (a long time ago, it seems) but had yet to make it a part of my weekly routine. Beginning in September, I began to frequent the farmers markets in Halifax with a friend on a regular basis and something clicked. I was content and mindful. I was happy to be frequenting there, in that environment. It was soothing and surreal. Much different from the big box stores we are all accustomed  to in this strange world. I prefer the old farmers market to the new one as it is a little less busy; however, the Seaport farmers market has much to offer and a variety of items to choose from. Both have their positive aspects. Crowds can be energizing but then it can tend to get me feeling unfocused after a time.

Now, I have a list of things to purchase every week. The vegetables available at present compared to weeks past have changed as the harvesting season is winding down. Lots of root veggies are available now and I love my sweet potatoes. I could eat sweet potato roasties with curry mayo for supper any night of the week. I will post on that easy recipe later.

In any case, the fall is a great time go to the market for groceries. Many beautiful items are for sale: seas of green, purple, red, orange and browns. Such life. I have been buying bunches a fresh kale, swiss chard, carrots, onions, brussel sprouts and green beans on a regular basis. As well as meat that comes from a local farm. Eggs, pork, beef sausages and cubed chicken. The names of these family farms escape me. My favorite thing to do is to choose different types of apples from a local orchard that taste like heaven in each crisp bite.

Every week, I tend to make 2 pots of stew, each of which lasts for several days. I top it with white cheddar cheese or avocado. I always top it off with a hearty bit of sriracha sauce. Every pot of stew is a little different as the ingredients change with what I have in my vegetable crisper but the steps are the same.

To start:

Add a pat of coconut oil to a medium sized pot and warm until melted (at medium heat).
Take 2 sausages out of their casings and break apart into the pot and stir until browned.
Add onion and garlic.
The root vegetables take the longest and should be added in the pot early. In this case, is is the carrots.
Next, add brussel sprouts and green beans.
Then, add kale, curry powder, cumin, salt and pepper.
Lastly, add tomatoes.

Mix well and let it all simmer for several minutes.

Add a scoop of stew to a bowl and add a few pieces of old cheddar cheese or sliced avocado on top and a bit of hot sauce on top. There's a gluten free, high protein, plant based dinner.

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  1. I forgot the spices! Silly me. Add equal dashes of cumin and yellow curry powder. Salt n pepper, of course.