Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Smoothies Forever

I think we have been on a straight smoothie kick since December. Most mornings involve one of us turning on the kettle and grinding coffee beans for coffee and then opening the fridge to pull items to make a smoothie with the tried and true blender.  Sometimes we have hot cereal, other times a bagel or eggs. This is hardly ever. I went for a long period of time without breakfast as a staple of my diet. Now, I couldn't imagine not having breakfast and breakfast being a smoothie.

Lately, our green smoothies are not so green due to the frozen berries that are a part of the recipe. The smoothies tend to be mostly a version of the same recipe. I have stopped adding in protein powder. A nautropath told me to stay away from the processed stuff and I have come around. I think smoothies are good to get you going first thing; and, I feel a snack mid-morning is a better way to stay satiated all morning versus pumping a plant based drink with powdered proteins.

Power smoothies (or goblin guts for the wee ones):

a few cups of frozen fruit or berries
2 bananas
some avocado, nut butter or coconut oil (if you are so inclined)
a few scoops of Greek yogurt  (probiotics, some protein and it adds a nice texture and tang to the mix)
a few handfuls of organic baby spinach (or any greens: I like steamed kale or Swiss chard)
some OJ and almond milk (the amount depends on the consistency you would like to have in a smoothie)

Blend it up and serve right away.
Extra servings can stay in the fridge but are best consumed before lunch.

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